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He was determined to “put in place strategies that would allow people to thrive and have all the health and well-being they could conceivably achieve,” explained Villanueva.

But tragically, Mann had barely begun to move on his agenda when he and his wife boarded Swissair Flight 111 in September 1998, headed to Geneva for a United Nations conference on AIDS.

It was inaugurated in August 1996 with 24 full-time Master of Public Health (MPH) candidates.

From its inception, the institution was committed to connecting its students to the city that surrounded them.

She agreed to serve as interim dean, and in July 2002, moved into her office, cranked up her favorite music and begin to unpack.

Getting him on board was a remarkable coup for a fledging institution.They gave shape to their bold vision, only to meet tragedy and thethreat of dissolution – and then to emerge triumphant.Five academic medical centers flourished in Pennsylvania’s Delaware Valley in the early 1990s, but the region had no public health school, and only one university-affiliated public health program.It could be costly.” But the idea resonated with the Allegheny Health, Education, and Research Foundation (AHERF), an expanding package of health-science schools and teaching hospitals in the Philadelphia area.Many players, many proposals and many steps later, with signoff from the Pennsylvania Department of Education, the School of Public Health at Allegheny University of the Health Sciences came into being.

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