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David Walsh and Donal Og Cusack have both come under fire for providing character references for Tom Humphries - so why hasn't Tyrone manager Mickey Harte been similarly criticised for providing a character reference for a sex attacker?

David Walsh and Donal Og Cusack have taken a pasting in... To access this article you need to subscribe to for the bargain price of €20 or be a subscriber to Hot Press Magazine.

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As I only had time for art in the holidays – not like my patchwork or crochet projects, which could be fitted into winter evenings – I mostly sketched my holiday scenes.The archive has over 40,000 articles in it, growing at well over 500 a month.Not only that, but you get special 'member's cds' for €10, discounts on all hotpress related products and exclusive promotions.“She has the same aspirations as any other girl who wants to be a model,” she wrote. Just maybe her dreams will come true.” In a matter of days, the Facebook post had gone viral being shared and liked an incredible 19,000 times.“Every door was closed in her face because she has Down’s Syndrome.” An industry in which disabilities of all types remain largely absent, 19-year-old Kate says that she has been inspired by the Australian model Madeline Stuart who has walked at New York Fashion Week and has her own fashion label.

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