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“They don't want to be an example,” Kingtblak said.

My darling, precious, glorious, dignified, world-famous and heavenly celebrated [is] cool, u can all get anything you want…” Despite this affirmation, Kingtblak believes that deep down even these actresses want to renounce the title.

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In his post, he narrated how he lost confidence and love for everything that use to make sense to him before the accident which was caused by a lantern. I was a very handsome kid growing up with a lot of self confidence.Trust me, it’s not easy living with scars lol, just imagine if you do have a small kitchen knife slice on your skin, you will try as much as possible to get it cleaned up, imagine mine!Nevertheless, I’m thankful I’m alive to share my story, my scars mean one thing: I SURVIVED!How many times I have been to surgery in different orthopedics, both in and out of the country? At a point, I tried opening accounts on several social sites looking for new friends who could understand me, only for me to realize I was trying to force friendships and all I was looking for were attention and pity when I should be self motivated.Nigerian man shares his experience as a burn survivor SEGUN ADEWOLEJUNE 13, 2018A Nigerian man and burn survivor has shared how his life changed suddenly after he suffered 3rd degree burns that had him bed-ridden for about a year.

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