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We believed that since we had already satisfied a two year plan that we were on the new i Phone for life plan. See my husband switched companies and they required a SIM card for his truck to access Wi Fi on it, our choices were Verizon or AT&T since Sprint is not able to provide that kind of service yet or still. So we were only seeing if there was a termination fee just so we could go to one bill instead of two. We were however informed over the phone and in person by at least 2 people at the local SUMTER, SC location that there was 0 (Zero) dollars due for that. Yet, again, there is nothing they can do about it for us. I will be canceling my service as soon as my new phones from another carrier arrive.

Which by that being said we would get a new i Phone for every year until we ended services and then just return the phone. I purchased an i Phone from Sprint in September 2017. I contacted Sprint and they told me my phone is less than a year old and for me to call Apple. They are a fraudulent company and lack any kind of morals or ethics.

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I will love for them to be shut down by our government and stop stealing from people.

So, why put me to collections, just pull it out and call it quits right. I have been waiting over a week and they took the money, over 0 and they never unlocked our devices. They charged us so much money and now I am using an old i Phone 5 because my other phone is useless.

Sprint we were one of your few customers that actually liked your services until, where do I start. Actually got a decent deal since we DID love Sprint's unlimited freedom plan. They were just some third party I was speaking with and did not work for Sprint. I told the CSR I was never told about a contract nor did we agree to a contract.

One, we supposedly signed a contract with you which we were misinformed about. Then to top it off we called towards the end of this supposedly 15 month contract to ask if there was a termination fee. I left and went home to call Sprint customer service again but was unable to reach them again. I was told sorry, but there is nothing they can do and that they would submit a ticket about the CSR that added the additional line so that it wouldn't happen to anyone else.

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