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A rumor has persisted for several years that this figure is the eerie image of a boy who was killed in the house where this scene was filmed: On a recent trip to the southwest U. I saw on several different news programs a rather strange story.

Even wilder versions have the mother spotting her dead son, dressed in his burial clothes, in the film.The infamous “ghost boy” image in the 1987 comedy film Three Men and a Baby appears in a window when Jack Holden (Ted Danson) and his mother (Celeste Holm) are walking through the house Jack shares with his two buddies.As plays with the baby girl who was left in the three men’s care, a human figure can be glimpsed standing behind the curtains of a background window at the left-hand side of the screen.(He also finds out that Marty Funkhouser, played by Bob Einstein, dated Cheryl behind his back.) How quickly did you land on Ted becoming a romantic interest for Cheryl?We knew we wanted to have complications with single Cheryl and single Larry.

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