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Disclaimer: Mature Audience only Part 1: Conversation with a Hooker: Adultery, Sex Addiction, and Muslims When it comes to the subject of sexual addiction, the question that arises in most minds is, “Why do men seek women other than their wives?” Unfortunately, the most common misconception is, “his wife must be insufficient that’s why he had to resort to other women.” While slightly more considerate people take the blame from the existing wife and blame it on the lack of multiple wives, “that’s why Muslim men are allowed to have four wives so they can assuage their sexual desires, impossible to be satisfied by one woman alone.” Let me frankly ask all the readers: “Is there any ex-sex addict whose addiction was cured by adding more wives in his life?They all complained of having a very strict and rigid father whose only function was to provide for the family while the mother took care of the kitchen and the house but never tried to communicate with children about their issues and problems.Growing up, getting involved in inappropriate sexual activities was their way of releasing stress or showing power over other people [women] esp.

Hence, he continued to see prostitutes for oral sex just to satisfy his need of empowering women.It is essential to note that, in our times, those who were not necessarily introduced to sex through prostitution or porn, can still learn to objectify women through TV, Magazines, Songs, Internet etc.It’s a way for addicts to escape physical, emotional or sexual abuse.This study implies that a lot of sexual addicts come from families where their emotional needs were not met.Of all the cases I’ve dealt with, husbands had grown up in a very distant and emotionally cut-off families.

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