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The real Overseas Highway saga probably began in 1919 when the Florida land boom days were getting under way.

Growing pineapples was passé; and limes were now the produce to grow.

By 1928, the rebuilt and higher off the water 2,800-foot wooden drawbridge across Card Sound was completed.

The additional road and bridges were completed to Lower Matecumbe Key.

He was going to build a "Venice of the Keys." Within a few years he had a hotel with an annex, a mercantile store with post office and restaurant that were advertised in the 1925 newspaper Key Largo Breeze as the Key Largo Plaza.

Sexton started dredging canals off of Blackwater Sound.

It was decided to raise the bridge height from five to nine feet. This was known as the Key Largo Ferry and the point was known as Pelican Harbor.

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The old Tallahassee Road has since grown over in buttonwoods.Many of us today think of the Overseas Highway as a direct result of the 1935 hurricane that destroyed Flagler's Florida East Coast Railway.In many ways this is true; however, the highway actually started evolving earlier.Construction of a ferryboat pier began at Lower Matecumbe and No Name Key. Each ferry could take 20 cars and the trip took about four hours.To complete the circuit to Key West, on January 16, 1928, three ferryboats at a cost of 0,000 from the Gibb's Shipyard of Jacksonville were put into operation between Lower Matecumbe Key and No Name Key. The toll was .50 for vehicles under 14 feet up to .50 for vehicles over 16 feet, driver included. When completed from Florida City to Key West, it was designated State Road 4A. A little over two years later in 1931, a 13 1/2-mile road was completed across the Vacas Keys with ferry terminals on Grassy and Hog Keys. CLICK The total road cost was now close to ,000,000.

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