Setwindowtext mfc updating cdialog controls

You can specify the text, including the anchor tag from the properties page, or you can use the Set Window Text function to set it at run-time.In my demo application that you can download from here I used a second syslink with an ID attribute.Then, in the Properties window, click either the Events , the Messages , or the Overrides button , depending on the type of member function you want to write.

As we reviewed when we introduced messages, an event is an action resulting from a generated message.When calling any of these functions, the mappings must be performed in the CWnd:: Do Data Exchange() event.Its syntax is: As you can see, this event is passed a CData Exchange pointer.The syntax of this function is: argument points, is a parent-less class, meaning it is based neither on CObject nor on CWnd.The DDX_Control() function can be called for each variable you intend to map to a control.

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