Sending girls flowers dating

Instead of focusing on what we’re going to buy each other, we’re focused on connecting authentically.

The consumer orgy of Valentine’s Day is the anti-cure for relationship blues and, in some instances, serves as a smoke screen to gloss over true fractures in a partnership.

Furthermore, there’s a blizzard happening here in Boston right now, so the palm trees are a nice juxtaposition. It seems to me that sending overpriced flowers to your lover on Valentine’s Day is more an opportunity to show off your devotion to colleagues. We were young (no seriously, we were only 20), in love (maybe not to do.

The charade of Valentine’s Day is beyond ridiculous. “Oh yes, my partner loves me so much that they wasted 0 on tacky roses.” I mean seriously. Mr Frugalwoods and I have gone out for exactly one Valentine’s Day over the course of our entire 10-year relationship. I firmly believe that going against prevailing societal norms yields greater happiness and freedom.

Since we never eat out, I realize my protestations are a bit superfluous.

But if you do typically eat out, you could not pick a more horrendous night to be in a restaurant (unless you happen to work at one, in which case I imagine the tips are fabulous).

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