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You should definitely get it done...especially since cavities are "contagious" and can spread to other teeth.It seems really scary, but our dentist went out of their way to help us feel comfortable. I obviously know something has to be done but I dont really want to take the risk of putting him completely under.if there are more cavities under CS we would have to fill them on multiple trips under GA, they can just fill them all.Also need to add that my son has very sensitive hearing and doesn't even like the clippers at the hair place.he might also have my pain threshold and queasiness with pain or painful sounds, not to mention my gag reflex. My 8 yr old had general anesthesia at age 3 and then iv sedation at age 6.I am so nervous that if we try CS, that he is still going to freak out and either not be able to get the job done or end up having to do GA anyway at a later date or end up fearing the dentist. She is a big gagger so filling 1 cavity might have worked but had 4 to fill.

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They had no issues or problems with the general anesthesia.

If they can do a whole root canal without general anesthesia then they should be able to fill one small cavity without it!!

Thanks for the reply I've been told by many people that a pediatric dentist is where you take your child when a regular dentist is out of ideas on how to get your child to cooperate.

I am really not comfortable with him going under for one small cavity and I dont really see why they cant just give him a little laughing gas and see how he handles the dental work. The noises, smells, and big fat needle full of novacaine were very scary to me.

It may sound crazy but your teeth can heal themselves if given the right nutrition. I'm sure there are other ones but those ate the only I can think of off hand I agree, it's actually fairly common.

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