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I've never done this, but if you can do it in Excel, you can more than likely do it in Access. And since you can reference specific libraries, you should be able to call on the same objects and/or event procedures.I'm running a macro that has to open and run code from a module, then open a table after it's done.Screen Updating = False 'swap between sheets 1/2 (need both sheets or this will crash) For i = 1 To numb Switches Sheets(1 (i Mod 2)). Screen Updating = True 'get results for part two results = results & vb Cr Lf & "Screen Updating IS disabled: " & Format(Time - start Time, "hh:mm:ss") & " seconds" 'show results Msg Box results End Sub Firstly I've been using the script written by Richie (UK) Post #7 Here It simply iterates through a loop changing the value of i in one cell.I have changed it slightly so it loops 10,000 times and I execute it 10 times for sample size.

And after all don’t turn screen updating on/off many times in some loop. And one more note (which you probably don’t want to hear) if you want it quick use C .Hi I am trying to build a VBA modul, two lines with the command (Application. Screen Updating) are returning an error: Application. I always assumed it was just used so that it didn't scare end users into thinking their PC was about to crash.When I started reading more into improving the efficiency of your code I understood what it was for but how much of an effect does Turning off screen updating will only make a difference to execution time if the code interacts with Excel in a way that causes changes to the screen content.

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