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We are also observing a red tail hawk nest hidden on Strawberry Island.

The mission of San Francisco Zoo & Gardens is to Connect people with wildlife, inspire Caring for nature and advance Conservation action.Herons feed their young soon after arriving back in the nest from feeding forays. In the next week or so, you should be able to see all the chicks regularly and always at feeding time-when the other parent flies in to feed them.For small chicks, the parents are able to offer several meals without going out to forage again. He is identifiable because of a tongue injury which caused his tongue to protrude like a pencil below his beak. At feeding time, the parent regurgitates all the food into the bottom of the nest which results in quite a feeding frenzy among the chicks. This nest faces the other side of the island and is hidden behind foliage in the Heron Cam. 1, 2, and 3 were all pre-existing nests before they were occupied this year.The chicks are very observant of goings on around them: watching parents trade places at nest no. 1 and also keeping an eye peeled for the parents in nest no. This activity is unusual as the parents generally stop all twig presentations and branch gathering once the chicks arrive.According to Helen Pratt, a field ornithologist who studied the herons and egrets for thirty years at Audubon Canyon Ranch in Stinson Beach, CA, the chicks at age 10 days or less generally get fed every two hours.

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