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They replied, We have one, a Wurlitzer Starke Model Orchestral Grand. After reading this article you wont have to just trust to luck. All were in various conditions, but playable, so I took what I could find.She continues: The term rebuilding in harp repair may have the same number of definitions as the number of people whom you ask, but Ive always understood it to mean the following: Full rebuild: New neck, rebuilt baseframe (should include resetting the column block ) action re-riveted and possibly the soundboard replaced.Partial rebuild: may include just one of the above frame parts being replaced and the action re-riveted.If you dont care to read this whole article, here are some basic guidelines.

Fourteen years later, when I decided to start teaching, I knew I needed some student harps. I opened the yellow pages and started calling music stores.(Personally, I would not even consider buying a new harp whose column is absolutely vertical when it is new!) When a harp is rebuilt properly, the column block is reset to give the harp the advantage of the offset column to help the rebuilding work last longer.You want the levers to make accidentals without sounding out of tune (use an electronic tuner to check).Pedal Harp: as with the lever harp, you would like a reasonably straight column, a fairly flat soundboard, and no visible cracks inside (use a flashlight) or outside.

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