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I’m not even sure why his weapon was considered a “dirty trick.” He just went from one sword to two smaller swords…and that suddenly made him powerful enough to kill them both.

I can see how that might catch one of them off-guard, but geez, that’s not a very “exciting” final weapon for Amon to have.

The huge amount of fighters keeps thing fresh and interesting, although I wish some of the fights lasted a bit longer.

For example, I’m surprised Amon took out the twins so quickly.

There is no harmony whatsoever between all of the elements, and it ends up as a mess.I think he’s strong enough now that such a thing wouldn’t create an alternate personality (as it did to Jason). Are they going to play it off as acute stress giving him gray hairs? Jason playing hairdresser and bleaching his hair as part of his torture session? Whatever happens, the finale is going to be a crazy mess of death, blood, and censored injuries. I expect melodrama and screaming and for everything to be rushed. It’s not even as simple as ghouls vs humans, because there are different factions of ghouls.This adds complexity to the encounters, as ghouls sometimes end up fighting each other and humans sometimes come face-to-face with ghouls they wish they’d never have met.

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