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Whether they lasted for years, months or weeks (or days), that doesn't make these pairs any less surprising.

Women like funny guys who make them laugh and smile, which must be why Seth Mac Farlane has such incredible luck with love. Mac Farlane has dated some of the prettiest women in Hollywood over the past few years.

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Alexis also had a role in TBS' Ground Floor, portraying Tori, a party girl, who catches up on her sleep at work the next morning. It is rumored that the two dated for a while in 2008.This was around the time that Bynes voiced a character on , which is where the two are assumed to have met.It is not surprising that all these beautiful ladies fell for the actor’s charm over the years.After all, he is talented, industrious, and has a great sense of humor! There is currently no information on that so we don’t know if he is single or not. So, good news for the ladies: There is a good chance that he’s available!

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