Ryan lochte dating carmen electra

That may be the case, as Olympian Ryan Lochte was seen out with Carmen Electra at Bootsy Bellows Tuesday night, and according to eyewitnesses, the two were pretty cozy.

And it’s not so surprising, seeing how last summer, Lochte said Electra was his first crush.

and ladies, know this: if there’s one secret to his heart, it’s that you need to bring the funny.

“The quickest way to my heart is someone can make me laugh,” says Lochte, who trademarked his signature catchphrase “Jeah” last summer.

It seems he’s been able to squeeze Reid into his schedule though– the couple has taken a bunch of pictures together while in Rio.

In May, Lochte revealed to US Weekly that he’s made a lot of personal changes over the past few years. Going into the [London] games I was more of a single guy party boy. I’m settling down, actually taking care of my body outside the pool and I think that’s the biggest thing that I’ve noticed in my training since 2012.

Back home in Florida with his family – mom Ileana,sisters Megan and Kristin and brothers Brandon and Devon – Lochte is on officially on the prowl for a potential Mrs.

Lochte’s Twitter, usually an A source for those looking for intellectual insight, also linked to a photo of the two on Instagram.

“Me and the beautiful @carmenelectra my biggest crush since childhood,” Lochte tooted.

On his reality series, , the Olympic swimmer detailed what he looks for in a girl.

People reports him saying, “Honestly, if she can make me laugh, then I’m pretty much sold.

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