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And then keep traveling back another two million years, and only then do we arrive in the time when Selam lived in Ethiopia nearly three and a half million years ago. This is the same species as the famous Lucy, discovered in the 1970s by Don Johanson.

He's been at it for eight long years, but the payoff has been amazing.

We, Homo sapiens, are the first, ever, to be alone. The search for answers begins here, in the Afar, northeastern Ethiopia.

It's part of the Great Rift Valley, a deep cut in the earth where geologic forces are ripping Africa apart.

The alumni gathering was hosted by Silvia Li and Ruifeng Wang of Troy University’s International Programs staff and featured remarks from Dr.

Hawkins; Sohail Agboatwala, associate vice chancellor for international affairs; Dr.

He's searching for the fossilized traces of our earliest human ancestors.

The fossil bones of animals like antelopes, elephants and pigs are abundant.

NOVA's cameras are there to capture the unveiling of the face, spine, and shoulder blades of this 3.3 million-year-old fossil child. So get ready for a ride through millions of years of our history.

Featuring interviews with world-renowned scientists, each hour unfolds with a CSI-like forensic investigation into the life and death of a specific hominid ancestor.

An explosion of recent discoveries sheds light on these questions, and NOVA's comprehensive, three-part special, "Becoming Human," examines what the latest scientific research reveals about our hominid relatives—putting together the pieces of our human past and transforming our understanding of our earliest ancestors.

More than 100 former Troy University students and visiting scholars came together for an event in China earlier this month, marking the first steps toward establishing the University’s second alumni chapter there.

The June 10 event was held as University officials were in China to welcome the newest group of 1-2-1 alumni. Jack Hawkins, Jr., Chancellor of Troy University, awarded 12 diplomas during the Sino-American Cooperation in Higher Education and Professional Development’s 15th1-2-1 commencement ceremony on June 13 in the Zhongnan Concert Hall at Shaanxi Normal University.

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