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Then you’ve probably considered – if not already tried out – online dating sites or apps, including the infamous Tinder.At first glance, Tinder’s numbers look like they’d be in a girl’s favor: reports claim that Tinder has been downloaded over 100 million times and makes 26 million matches a day. However, Tinder isn’t the romantic secret weapon it may sound like.It might actually be better spent hanging out at your local single’s bar or actually, well, going on a date.Perhaps the worst part of Tinder – or any online/mobile dating tool?

“The photo is key to Tinder, and, unfortunately, not everyone takes good photos.” Even if you do match with a guy who seems to be perfect for you, online observations can’t tell you everything you need to know.

“My own research with Art Ramirez shows that…it is good to take a bit of time to establish a basic sense of familiarity with the other person so that you have something to build from when you meet face-to-face,” she explains.

“That said, waiting too long can allow you to form unrealistic expectations about the other person, which could leave you feeling disappointed when you do meet them face-to-face.” You also have to consider safety when you go from messaging to meeting.

More recent research by Paul Eastwick has even found that people often don’t know what they want in a partner – until they find it (in person), at least.

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