Randy orton dating jojo offerman

The whole family attended, with Kessler’s three sons and Orton’s daughter seeing their parents tie the knot.

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Bray Wyatt’s wife has filed for divorce, claiming that he had an affair with WWE announcer Jo Jo Offerman, The Daily Mail reported on Monday.

“I don’t think she thought I was really going to propose to her,” Orton said.

“So all of these emotions hit her at once.” Obviously, Kessler said yes, and the wedding took place four months later in Las Vegas, Nevada.

But it just so happened that they were already thinking of bringing a dog into the family, so it really worked out for everyone.

Kim Kessler is currently pregnant, with her due date coming up this week. Over the course of the past several months, Kessler has been documenting her pregnancy on social media. Seems impossible but I know I will love you even more the day she is born.

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