Radioactive dating licorice lab

During each trial, students record the number of radioactive parent isotopes and record this in a data table.Once all groups finish, each group records their info on the class decay table (on the board) and we calculate the averages of the class. Isotope Concepts: Students should begin to see the pattern that each time they dump out their M&Ms, about half become stable.

Skills: -critical thinking -data analysis -questioning -graphing and data collecting Vocab Words: 1. This activity can be adapted for older students, but is used in an 8th grade earth science classroom.Students will record the number of M&Ms that are still "radioactive" (M side up) in their data table after each run, and set aside the "stable" (M side down) M&Ms.They will only re shake the radioactive M&Ms each time. Once they are finished with their 8 runs, they will record their data on the class data table (which can be on the board). It is SO freekin' effective that I am almost ticked off that I didn't figure it out before... She gives each kid, 9th grade level, a piece of graph paper and ONE strip of a Twizzler strip. is the amount of the original stuff, e is the exponential, k is supposed to be Lambda (a funny Greek letter), but it's tuff to write online, is the decay constant for that material. This is because N However, in reality, radioactive samples DO DISAPPEAR! Remove the Blankiums & count the remaining M&Miums. Yer trying to teach this half-life thing to either no success or such limited success that you are thinking about considering your Mother's advise and become a Nun... Here is a cute little 'half-life' LAB I saw today (05/01/02) from a colleague Phy Sci teacher, Justine Ruth, as I said, one of the 'up and coming' STARS of teaching. The M&M's that have the blank side up has decayed into Blankium.

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