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The teams were to be structured under a lead consultant – an architect – identified within the submission.

The Memorial and Learning Centre will be specifically about the importance and relevance of the Holocaust to the United Kingdom, and the challenge for designers was to think about how to create an original memorial that expressed the project’s design values (opposite), potentially had different aspects by day and night, and established an atmosphere or aura that prompted respect, reflection and active remembering.

This international design competition managed by Malcolm Reading Consultants on behalf of the Department for Communities and Local Government – and the wider work of the UK Holocaust Memorial Foundation – fulfils the recommendations made by the Prime Minister’s cross-party Holocaust Commission in its report of January 2015.In September 2016, on the advice of the United Kingdom Holocaust Memorial Foundation, the Department for Communities and Local Government launched an international two-stage design competition for a National Memorial to honour the victims and survivors of the Holocaust and Nazi persecution.Envisaged as a place for everyone to come to remember the Holocaust, as well as a focal point for annual national commemorations, the Memorial will affirm the United Kingdom’s commitment to stand up against prejudice and hatred.For some survivors – and those whose lives were affected by the Holocaust – survival stories can reveal glimmers of hope about human nature; for others, to perceive this moment in history as anything but unbearable is to compromise the Holocaust’s implacability.This was a two-stage international design competition and was run in accordance with EU procurement guidelines and the Public Contracts Regulations 2015.

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