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The route is an absolute lung buster that throws everything at you and can also be a real battle against the elements.There are steady slopes that allow a solid jogging pace, shocking inclines that have you almost on your hands and knees, loose stone tracks that require cautious foot placements, stream crossings and a forested off-road vehicle track that allows for some rapid going.For further information on Fan Dance Race Series event categories, age fields, weight limits, timings, and the basic items you need to take part, the EVENT INFO page is your go to resource.Your Fan Dance adventure is supported by our Directing Staff team of former SAS & SBS who have put together a series of electronic information packs covering all matters Fan Dance; from rucksack packing techniques to nutrition and training.

The AEE Fan Dance Race Series event is the original version with a provable and undeniable heritage.A narrow water crossing at the foot of a gully guards the way onto the narrow forest path, which leads to RV Two (half way check point), located at Torpentau, the highest point and last stop on Brecon Mountain Railway line, still serviced today by an old steam train.After a brief tea stop, Fan Dancers take the route in reverse, with the long and gruelling return leg back up the Roman Road before the battle for the Jacob's Ladder, a brutally steep and unrelenting path back up to the summit of "the Fan," which is by far the hardest and most dramatic part of the march.Founded, organised and managed by veteran SAS &SBS soldiers, our ethos is of integrity and the unrelenting pursuit of excellence.As per the real Special Forces Selection course, the Fan Dance event will be staged in both summer and winter.

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