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So here’s my Quicken 2016 review, with my thoughts about the latest version as well as an updated look at my Income Portfolio Morningstar X-Ray and an updated Credit Score just for fun!27-Nov-16: An updated Quicken 2017 review is also available.Quicken 2016 is the latest release in one of the few remaining desktop finance applications for PCs & Macs.Other cloud-based alternatives (Mint, Personal Capital, etc) are very popular and growing at a fast rate and products such as YNAB have also gained a lot of traction.

If you are interested in purchasing Quicken, I suggest you shop around instead of buying directly from Intuit or using their Quicken upgrade offer.

Intuit, the company who makes Quicken, is concentrating on cloud and online services with its popular (and free) website as well as its Quickbooks product for small business and services such as Quicken Bill Pay. They announced in 2015 that Quicken is currently up for sale, which is certainly a point to keep in mind considering the lackluster improvements in the latest 2016 version.

Of course they’re promising a bright future for Quicken although the evidence in the form of Quicken 2016 does not bode well.

So I freely admit that I’m underwhelmed by the new features in 2016 and that probably comes across in my comments below.

It’s not that Quicken 2016 is bad, it’s just that it offers nothing new and is almost unchanged from 2015.

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