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Piety reigned in her heart, and she maintained constant communion with the religious ordinances of her nation.

Pious Hannah was separated unto the Lord, and amidst trying domestic relationships knew how to have recourse to Him for all necessary grace to bear her troubles.

Think, for a moment, about some of the features of her heartfelt cry! It is a unique experience for the age of the Judges; the piety of Hannah is a ripe flower in an almost sterile field.” The old priest Eli, not meaning to be unkind when he saw Hannah’s lips moving and her whole being caught up in the fervency of her supplication and yet heard no words being expressed, somewhat felt that Hannah was drunk and upbraided her for coming into God’s house in such a condition.

God granted her wish, and the yearned-for child arrived and she called his name Samuel, which means, “asked of the Lord.”Hannah’s Psalm of Thanksgiving marks her out as a poetess and prophetess of no mean order.

With her desire fulfilled she bursts into song and pours forth her gratitude to God for His goodness, and her Magnificat became the basis of the one the blessed Virgin Mary was to offer to the same covenant-keeping God.

The fact that Elkanah loved Hannah and bestowed a double portion upon her only added more fuel to the fire of contempt in Peninnah’s heart. Barren, she still believed, and her pain found a refuge in prayer.

In God’s house, she besought the Creator “to raise her into the empire of motherhood,” and to interfere with the law of nature on her behalf.

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