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This aggressive behavior may lead them to fight with siblings and peers.Girls, however, often become passive and withdrawn, tending to suffer from depression.Victim Witness Advocates offer support and resources for anyone who chooses to obtain a protective order and/or leave their abuser.Our team members collaborate with law enforcement, social service providers, schools, hospitals, and probation officers.A child may acquire a sense of worthlessness due to verbal abuse such as shaming, blaming, intimidation, and threats.This can lead a child to believe he or she is incapable of being loved and incapable of success.

Prosecutors aggressively pursue criminal charges on behalf of victims who are often in fear of their abusers and reluctant to testify.

School age children may exhibit signs of recurrent mood swings, erratic school attendance, and inability to concentrate.

Poor social skills may also lead to conflicts with classmates and teachers.

JOHANNESBURG - The Public Servants Association (PSA) is accusing government and Cosatu of pressuring unions to sign the public sector wage agreement.

The PSA, which represents over 230,000 workers, says it will not succumb to rushed negotiations over a three-year wage deal.

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    Under Cicilline, city officials worked with Rhode Island's Education Partnership to form PASA, the Providence After School Alliance.