Potassium argon and argon argon dating techniques are used on

The age of volcanic rocks and ash can be determined by measuring the proportions of argon (in the form of argon-40) and radioactive potassium within them.Each volcanic eruption produces a new deposit of ash and rock.The technique can, however, provide the relative ages of bones from the same site.Most fossils are found in sedimentary rocks deposited in layers.Knowing when a dinosaur or other animal lived is important because it helps us place them on the evolutionary family tree.Accurate dates also allow us to create sequences of evolutionary change and work out when species appeared or became extinct. These are: Where possible, several different methods are used and each method is repeated to confirm the results obtained and improve accuracy.Argon is gas that gradually builds up within rocks from the decay of radioactive potassium.

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During this process the pieces of the atom move apart at high speed, causing damage to the rock or mineral.

The level of nitrogen gradually reduces as the bone decays.

Absolute dating is not possible with this method because the rate at which the nitrogen content declines depends on the surrounding temperature, moisture, soil chemicals and bacteria.

Sedimentary rocks are rarely useful for dating because they are made up of bits of older rocks.

Uranium is present in many different rocks and minerals, usually in the form of uranium-238.

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