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I hope you'll keep us updated on what the audience reaction is..good and bad.Obviously, it's not going to please everyone with subject material like that, not to mention the graphic nudity and torture scenes.The new version is coming out for the release of the movie, next week, and it's going to be in blue ray. Margot: Ooh, yeah, vampires..of my favorite themes. They are not killed by the sun, just weakened, for instance and they have their strengths and their weakness...I'm glad you folks are getting into the horror genre, but putting a different spin on the vampyr legends. that makes our female vampires very resistant to torture.In the new version the testimonies are spread more across the movie and the tortures seem to be shorter but they are not. For some people, and I guess it is for most people, if the scenes are too long they might bore them, even if they are interesting. Our vampires are somewhat different than the more traditional ones.

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I'm curious why Jac felt that a different, shorter edit was necessary? How many minutes shorter with this new version run?

I uttered those words in response to comments concerning the "spanking" comments Amy posted some short time ago. She is 'The Duchess of Malfi' and is strangled slowly and brutally on stage. Hesketh has graphically described her fear and distress during the filming of the roasting scene in Maleficarum.

But the issue is here and I must say a few things you all might find interesting... The impact on the audience is palpable, apparently. Also the real pain of the whipping scene in Dead but Dreaming. Hesketh's account of the impact on her of the creation of these illusions of torture will have a very real impact on the legions of Ms. Note also the comments of someone present at the filming of the BATS scene in Maleficarum on the Pachamama Film website just last night, in their new edited version, and they are really impactful.

Perhaps the boundary between fantasy and reality is fluid, blurred, relative, individual.

And perhaps, in the inability or unwillingness to tell the difference, lies madness! The emotions we have when we watch a movie are real, of course. When I say fantasy is fantasy, real life is real life I'm talking about something less relative.

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