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Rather than a license to print something you otherwise wouldn't be allowed to, copyright became a right to stop other people from printing things they otherwise would be allowed to. Rather than being a form of censorship, the idea became an economic incentive to create.In an era of restriction, copyright was a permission. The idea behind modern copyright law is that if artists can control who is allowed to copy their creations, then artists can charge for that permission and make money.This article will walk you through the most important issues concerning copyright law and its practical applications to you as a webmaster.This section provides a brief overview of the historical context and philosophical foundation of modern copyright law.This makes it both simple and complicated to understand at the same time.Simple, because a fairly straightforward set of principles governs how it works; complicated, because there are a number of contradictory, conflicting, and confusing ideas to deal with.If you run a website you may have to deal with copyright law and related issues from two different sides: as a producer and as a consumer.If you blog, take photographs, publish music, or otherwise produce copyrightable content, you legally own that content.

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It was a whitelist form of censorship: no one could print anything unless they had been granted the copyright to do so.This is the situation modern copyright seeks to correct, and it does so by assigning the exclusive right to make use of a work to the one who created it.It acts as a necessary and justified infringement on Freedom of Speech.You can go directly to it here: Copyright Law and Game Developers: What You Need to Know.Copyright is a topic with a lot of misconceptions and urban legends surrounding it.

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