Places in islamabad for dating

Intricately carved mosaics of marble and glass in triangular patterns hang from the tented ceiling in the prayer room which itself can hold over 10,000 people.

Adjacent to the prayer room is the primary lecture hall as well as a library, restaurant and a cafe.

Accommodating nearly a quarter million people to worship, the modern-looking wonder is situated at the foundation of the Margalla hills.

According to Trip Advisor, the restaurant is ranked as the number one eating-out joint in Islamabad and the view over the city is irresistible.

8) Islamabad Club If you’re hoping to get some rest and recreation and plan to stay in Islamabad for a while, becoming a member at the chic Islamabad club is a relaxing way to enjoy leisure activities – including swimming, playing tennis, and reading books.

Touted as one of the elitist hangout spots for ministry of government officials and foreign diplomats, the club offers a fusion style buffet of world cuisine with sumptuous hotel-like suites.

9) Jinnah Supermarket Famous as a trendy hang out spot for youth and fashion-seekers, this circular shaped supermarket complex offers a smorgasbord of world dishes, cafes, hole-in-the wall eateries and music stores.

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