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Again, there are a myriad of reasons for a man not becoming a dad. They checked it out and found that my blog had been hacked. He’s all over the place: the media, Hollywood, schools, the government. Now that my lowly blog is back up and running (for now), will I continue to write? It will be very sad for me to cease blogging, and I will miss it very much — and all of you.For some of them, not being a father is very painful, just like for some childless women. You name it, he’s there and oftentimes has a starring role. If, at one point, you don’t hear from me again, I am likely alive and well (fingers crossed).The Catholic Church has always held that while family is marvelous, a life of chastity is a much higher calling. Paul tells the church men to stay with their wives if they are married.But he makes the point that a celibate life of devotion to Christ is of much more value.Knowing the discomfort that I was about to experience, I dreaded going to my favorite Catholic church this year for Mother’s Day.Frankly, I was pretty annoyed about it — and confused. I even thought (briefly) of not going to Mass at all. We Catholics have a Holy Day of Obligation on Sundays and other special days.(Reader’s Note: This is the blog that I tried to post on Mother’s Day, although the cyber attacker had other plans.) I dreaded Mother’s Day this year. (1) It’s because of the face of one woman that is burned into my memory. I was attending Mass at my favorite Catholic Church, one that is generally pious and reverent.However, at some point during the Mass, the priest went off script. Then the priest went on and on with a loving tribute to the women who were standing. Most of them looked uncomfortable, even embarrassed. I’m not surprised that they appeared ashamed, slighted.

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Then he had the members of the congregation close our eyes. But immediately he had us pray for women who never had children.This was the first time I ever saw this woman in this church. I don’t know if this special tribute, and her own embarrassment, had anything to do with her not coming again.By having some women stand up and others remain seated, the priest inadvertently created a difference. I could see everyone looking around and thinking, “Oh, she’s a mother.” “Oh, I guess she is not.” Just like the society at large, women who have children are celebrated in a way that other women are not. I am certain that what he did was not out of insensitivity. and that is why this ritual should not happen at church. And in those cases, childlessness is a source of lifelong pain.However, I would guess that some women were hurt by it. There are many reasons why women do not have children. Many women cannot have children; they or their husband are infertile.Some women have miscarriages, the deaths of their long-awaited babies. For them, Mother’s Day can be a day of great sorrow and regret, especially if they didn’t go on to birth a child.

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