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According to the model, we can estimate the age of the fen.The oldest part comes from a depth of 1.05 meter and its conventional age is 5940 ± 95 BP (modelled date 5000–4790 BC, 68.2% probability interval).In view of the recent technological developments in gamma-ray spectrometry and ICPMS and analytical methodology for Pu analysis, the new opportunities to move forward this research area will be presented.https://content.uses cookies to store information that enables us to optimize our website and make browsing more comfortable for you.The analysis of the botanical composition showed that Wolbrom is a fen. An age-depth model was constructed using 12 conventional radiocarbon dates and 13 lead-210 dates from the upper part of the deposit.

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In these analyses, standard methodology was used (see Maciak and Liwski, 1996; Maksimow, 1965; Myślińska, 2001; Tobolski, 2000).

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A one-meter long peat core was taken from the peatland in Wolbrom (Silesian-Cracovian Upland, southern Poland).

A brief discussion on time resolution and error estimation on ages will be discussed.

The challenges in the field of `Anthropocene geochronology' will be discussed.

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