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My Flickchart rankings don't reflect that yet, so don't scan my top 20 to the right of this page.I'm not in the habit of re-ranking movies after my most recent viewing.In 2013, two days after my 40th birthday, I finally "got" 2001, and came around to the consensus that it's a masterpiece.It took this viewing for me to decide it's one of my top 20 of all time.

Ultimately I allowed it, and besides, it let me watch a movie on a night when I was otherwise too tired. Not a war that has been fought, nor one that will be, but any war.

Informally I think of a modern feature as running at least 70 minutes.

I make exceptions for silent movie greats, some of which are only 45 minutes (such as Sherlock Jr.).

But one of those was on a massive screen in Champaign, IL for the 2001 Ebertfest, so this might not even been my most glorious exposure to the film. What amazed me was how much I'd forgotten about the film in only five years since I last saw it.

I forgot, for example, that David Bowman makes a trip out in space to pick up the corpse of Frank Poole, in the ultimate sign of the irrational humanity that separates man from a machine like H. L., and that Bowman has to blow himself through the airlock to get back inside the ship.

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