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It may not be the best kdrama out there, but DEFINITELY NOT THE WORST (for someone nonkorean who has been watching kdramas for more than 10years now). I hope that there's a season 2 because the end was a cliffhanger, for me at least. Even though many of the lovely characters are missing at the end, still the story is good. It was a nice drama with good storyline and good chemiatry. I've just finished watching this drama a few minutes ago. But I think the final episode was unsatisfying .i had expected lot more than tht..although I am excited to see season 2 of BLOOD.. The song was so sad and lyric must be say about Yoo Rita feel for Park Ji Sang and she try to comfort him and stay by his side when he tired,hurt,upset and said. How many days they traveled in different countried to make it well. However, Ahn Jae - Hyeon's acting can be well -appreciated because his under acting defined more depth, strength and intensity.(BTW: I am not a Korean).

I recommend this drama to fans who are fond of medical, romance, comedy, thrill, mystery, all with a touch of vampire! If there is a season 2 I hope Hyun Woo is alive and well and that he and Ji Sang find eachother again (was that person at the end Ji Sang or not- I know it's the same actor, but is it a different 'character' or? though, still an aswesome drama, but Hyun Woo, geez. I liked it very much and I was waiting until it is released. The ending was fine I presume it is is the viewers to make storyline in the ending good since obviously it is ang open ended ending. When i listening to the song and think about the last final episode of drama it make me cry again and again,wow this drama move my feel so much sararnghae and kamsahamnida for “Blood“ also Ahn Jae Hyun and Koo Hye Sun. I cry so much like a baby and the ending final episode when Park Ji Sang die,he must be love Yoo Rita so much more than his life and he said that “Before i meet you i don't know anything,i waste time so long i should meet you earlier than this“ if you is Yoo Rita how do feel? He played the role of a KOREAN vampire and not an American/European vampire. Ku hye-sun's way of tilting her head while side glancing sort of invited annoyance.

yes he looks young enough for that, but he's 28 for freaks sake. So much that, i always feel the scene in every epis0de.I'm also not hating on Goo Hye Sun but for someone who debuted a long time ago, her acting isn't improving, even in some scenes I felt like I was watching a female version of Joo Joong Won (So Ji Sub - Master's Sun), the way she waved her hand, the way she talked, and all.And another thing that bothered me was her make-up.I admit that Overall i did enjoy the drama and even got emotional and cried but there were very many things left open. I actually enjoyed the story but somewhat dissapointed with lead actors acting.Maybe Ahn Jae Hyun is not ready yet to be a lead actor coz I liked him A LOT in My Love From The Star and You're All Surrounded.

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