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In the Marais, we’ll stroll through the old Jewish quarter and have lunch on rue de Rosier, famous for it’s many falafel stands and restaurants.

The Marais is rich with history and museums, including the Picasso, Victor Hugo’s home, the Shoah Memorial and the Pompidou Center. Group meets for wine and hors d’oeuvres in the hotel salon.

Today, there are some 20 or so of these passages left after the Second Empire’s renovation of Paris.

Passages Verdeaux, Jouffroy and Panorama are some of the finest examples.

Aimée is juggling her life as a mother with work at Leduc detective and is pulled into a new case looking for a missing Cambodian girl. Group meets for wine and hors d’oeuvres in the hotel salon. We’ll visit a chateau just outside Paris and hit the flea market in Saint Quen and do plenty of shopping to fill your suitcases before you return home.

Her investigation takes her to the 13th arrondissement, dubbed the new ‘Left Bank’ leading her to the Gobelins tapestry works and street artists in the Butte aux Cailles. If you are not staying for the optional extension, depart for home. We’ll head this morning to the Marché aux Puces du Saint-Quen, the largest flea market in the world.

The police close ranks against the alleged cop killer. In doing so, she encounters separatist terrorists, Montmartre prostitutes, a surrealist painter’s stepdaughter, a crooked Corsican bar owner, and learns of “Big Ears”—the French “ear in the sky” that records telephonic and electronic communications—which the Security Services monitor.

The markets are enticing as ever but now enhanced with great places to stop for lunch.Hands down, one of the more interesting museums in Paris. The museum offers more than 2,000 original relics dating back from 1667, when Louis XIV created the post of Police Lieutenant up until the Liberation from German forces in 1945. Afterwards, we will have lunch in the area around rue Mouffetard, one of the Paris’s best food streets.For those who don’t know the Latin quarter, it’s a wonderful area to stroll and discover. Her partner, Jacques, has set up a meeting in Montmartre with an informer.The area known best for its artists and charming streets. Group meets for wine and hors d’oeuvres in the hotel salon.Today, Donna will lead us on a walk through a few of the historic covered passages before heading to the Marais.

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