Parents and interracial dating

It's strictly about personality, characteristics, goals in life, and those things don't correlate to race. We went from hanging out as friends, to falling for each other, to being in a relationship.

She's beautiful, smart, and funny, I love her personality, I love her passion, I admire and think highly of her characteristics, morals, and personal goals.

He said I was selfish and that I always have been (due to doing things I wanted to and not listening to my parents as much as they wanted me to).

That if I cared for them, I'd say "nope, my parents would disapprove of her race, so I shouldn't pursue anything" (paraphrasing) from the get go.

Not the time I explored pre-med courses my first two years of college, despite him knowing I wouldn't like it.

Not the time I spent the year after my undergrad working part-time while playing/working on my music. I expressed to my father my reasons for falling for this girl and that race did not play a part in it.

The next day my mother called me while I was driving to work again expressing how I didn’t love them, that I was self-centered, that they gave me so much and I was doing this to them. That I’d be dead to them, that it’d be like they never had a son.

The following days were filled with texts and calls filled with the same things said before (along with crying), how they can’t sleep, are losing weight.

My mom went so far as to say she felt like cancer was spreading through her body.

He was blunt in saying that it came down to a race issue, spewed some generalizations, and that if it made him racist, he was racist.

He said I got myself in this mess and that I would have to choose between her or my parents, a few months relationship vs a life-time relationship.

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