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In this case, the partial melting of rocks of the Shuangqiaoshan Group can produce S-, I- and transitional type granitoids.

After strong differentiation it formed tungsten-bearing granitoids characterized by enrichment of high alkali, silicon and volatile components.

The granitoid-related W ore systems in JNB resulted from the remelting of the Proterozoic crust.

The Lamo Zn–Cu deposit is a typical skarn deposit in the district and occurs at the contact zone between the Upper Devonian limestone and the granite.

Two granitoids are characterized by a negative slope with significant light REE/heavy REE fractionation [(La/Yb) Considering the two groups of parallel Late Mesozoic ore belts, namely the Jiangnan porphyry-skarn tungsten belt (JNB) in the south and the Middle-Lower Yangtze River porphyry-skarn Cu-Au-Mo-Fe ore belt (YRB) in the north, the Nanling granite-related W-Sn ore belt (NLB) in the south, the neighboring Qin-Hang porphyry-skarn Cu-Mo-hydrothermal Pb-Zn-Ag ore belt (QHB) in the north, as well as the Southeastern Coast porphyry-skarn Cu-Mo-Au ore belt (SCB) recognized in South China in this paper, we propose that the latest Jurassic to earliest Cretaceous granitoids and associated ores were formed during a tearing of the subducting Izanagi slab.

This tearing of the subduction slab caused the upwelling of asthenosphere and the resulting mantle-crust interaction.

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