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Credits to Partner accounts will be accumulated and paid out on the following schedule: Payments will be delivered to you via Pay Pal in USD.

Any money owed to you will be paid out twice monthly as long as your balance is above USD.

Here are some common questions we get asked about Shopify’s Partner Program. The Shopify Partner Program gives you multiple ways to generate revenue. You will receive a 20% revenue share for each client you refer.

Another is to use your affiliate link — for each Shopify Merchant who signs up using your affiliate link, you’ll earn a bounty payment worth two months of their monthly subscription fee (paid out over two months).

It then pushes your edits to your development store using our API.

Shopify supports multiple themes, so you can make a copy of your theme on the Themes page in your Shopify admin, and edit that unpublished theme.

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You can write and publish Shopify Apps or Shopify Themes.If your balance is below , it will be held until the next payout period.If you decide to close your Partner account and your balance is below , then the amount will not be paid out.Follow this guide for Handing off development stores to clients.Free apps can be installed on the development store.

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