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A mobile chatting site is hard to find, a lot of chat sites claiming to be mobile online chat room are actually not responsive or mobile-friendly which makes it hard for to chat online in devices with smaller screen sizes.Our mobile chat rooms are capable of adjusting around your mobile phone devices and tablets.

I don't do chat rooms, but you could check for mommy things near you.Baby Bumps: This is a Reddit forum with thousands of users.It's technically meant for pregnant women but it's still a great place for all mothers or mothers-to-be to discuss anything on their mind. like the r/babybumps irc chat...they're all super nice and funny! It may not always be pretty, fun and awesome, but we do it.It's technically for pregnant mamas, but a lot of em stick around after they deliver :)Edit: check their sidebar for the link! And we want to be here for others who are going through the same experiences and offer a helping hand.

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