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The aqueduct carries the Bridgewater over the Bollin images taken 9 Feb It rises in Macclesfield at the western end of the Peak District, and can be seen in spring form, from the Buxton to Macclesfield road.

The stream then descends the 10 miles through Macclesfield and Wilmslow where it meets the River Dean, near to Styal Prison.

He arranged a meeting at his home The Towers, in Didsbury , on 27 June , inviting representatives of several Lancashire towns, Manchester businessmen, local politicians and two civil engineers, Hamilton Fulton and Edward Leader Williams.

Both engineers were invited to submit proposals, and Williams' plans were selected to form the basis of a Bill submitted to Parliament in November Cleaning out the canal at Salford Quays on 2 Sep However, due to intense opposition by Liverpool and railway companies, the Act of Parliament enabling the canal was not passed until 6 August Construction of the Ship Canal eventually started on 11 November It was always fascinating as a child to watch the bridges swing to allow passage of ships.

The old river bed can still be seen alongside image, right.

The town of Macclesfield used to dispose all its waste and sewage into the Bollin.In Part 1 we concentrate on Warrington and district.Cheshire has a number of canals, which were originally used to transport materials mostly chemicals.Black Bear Bridge at Knutsford Road, close to the only crossing point of the Mersey, via a ford, until the 13th century.The ford was roughly where the building is to the left of the bridge.

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