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This rather elitist naming was presumably in reaction to the apparently barbarous people they encountered, with them displacing (or sometimes integrating with) the native Elamo-Dravidian peoples.

Mentioned in the Mahabharata, Kalinga probably played host to more than one small kingdom.

intent to enter into a matrimonial alliance and is not meant for users interested in dating only.

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Some mixture may also be older--beyond the time we can query using admixture linkage disequilibrium--since it is universal throughout the subcontinent: present in every group speaking Indo-European or Dravidian languages, in all caste levels, and in primitive tribes.Dates for all kings in this dynasty are very approximate, and much of the information comes from the Hatigumpha Pillar inscription, which was created by Kharavela himself.Although it states he opposed Demetrius, it doesn't say which of the three Indo-Greek Demetrius' it was, although the likelihood is that it was the first.Kalinga probably took this opportunity to reassert its independence, apparently recreating a powerful Kshatriya (Vedic warrior caste) state with a capital at Toshali.Almost nothing is known of this state, so the matter of any links back to the Kalingan kingdom conquered by 324 BC is completely speculative.

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