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) * How to keep the message thread energized to get him more interested * Home lighting and other photographic tips to get the best pictures * My recommendations on the best free (or inexpensive) photo editing applications * Tricks fashion models use to create desire in their photos * Tips on creating captivating screen names * List of secret websites that professional writers use–they’ll help you come up with creative headlines, screen names and profiles * List of top ten worst and most overused headlines (you’re probably using them!) * List of focus-group tested headlines you can copy/paste onto your profile * How to get a hottie to respond to your emails/IMs * How to get him to gladly give you his phone number * The secrets to turning a phone call into a date (or hookup! As’s former advice columnist and a consultant for other gay dating sites, I’ve seen some mind-blowing research about what works and what doesn’t on the men for men sites.After looking at thousands of profiles I can tell you the real reason why some guys succeed and some don’t.Click here to order the .99 e Book, which comes with worth of free bonus reports.

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You’ll also learn how to build mild forms of suspense in the way you tell a story, how to rephrase boring ‘interview’ questions into interesting comments, how to use time constraints in conversations so they pique interest and how to ‘assert your frame’ if the conversation drifts to something unhelpful. Order it now and learn how to be a fascinating conversationalist right away. What’s more, you can keep the 3 bonuses valued at as my way of saying “thank you” for giving the e Book a fair try. It’s just .99 and it comes with worth of free bonus reports and a 30 day money back guarantee. Once I made all the changes you recommended I got a ton of emails–right away. To be truthful, I ain’t the prettiest patch in the porch so I chalked up my online failures to that. I got so many responses and am meeting so many guys in coffee shops I feel like I’m gay speed dating.I show you everything from what you should wear, what you should be doing, and how to use lighting and angles to get the best digital you. Hotter looking guys care about the guys they connect with, no matter what gay site they’re on. Listen, if you think the guy’s hot, chances are everybody else does too.It’s true your profile should be different on Manhunt than Match, but they’re necessary on both. You see a guy online so hot he renders you incapable of thought. You need to write the kind of emails that not only get opened every time but set the stage for more contact.Question #1: “What is the principal reason that you hesitate to contact or respond to somebody who initially looks like your type of guy? But I show you how to use home lighting and the best angles to shoot from.” Answer: His pictures made me doubt what he looks like in real life. You’ll also get my recommendations on the best free (or inexpensive) photo editing applications to get the best you out of your photos. Use Tricks Fashion Models Use To Create Desire It’s on page 46 of my ebook.

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