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Refits consisted in removing her torpedo tubes before the Great War and in 1917 only eight 5-inch guns remained while two 3 in (76 mm)/50 AA guns were added in their place.Compared to the USS new York, the USS Brooklyn’s own armour seemed like a let down, since the bar was raised for armament instead.For close-quarter combat, five 18 in (450 mm) torpedo tubes were located also in a lozenge.Since ths ship was susceptible to land US Marines, as well as some wheeled carriages for dismounted guns were also carried, including two 3-inch (76 mm) field guns and four Gatling guns to cover their land operations in depth, in addition to the ship’s main artillery.

To avoid it, Schley ordered a sharp turn to starboard or “retrograde loop” that led her to a new collision course, this time with USS Texas !

She achieved 21.91 knots (40.58 km/h; 25.21 mph) on trials.

Her machinery was generally similar to the USS New York, but she achieved 1,300 ihp (970 k W) additional horsepower, traduced by an extra knot on forced heat.

Secondary armament comprised twelve 5 in (127 mm)/40 caliber QF guns in side sponsons.

Tertiary armament comprised twelve 6-pdr (57 mm (2.2 in)) Driggs-Schroeder QF guns and four 1-pounder (37 mm (1.5 in)) Driggs-Schroeder saluting guns.

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