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I would like to book train tickets online from the united states I'd possible. If you will book online on official Train Station web-site you have to go to the Train station in your own country and print the ticket (system will give you the number of your ticket).Has anyone experience with doing that or know if it is possible. I think Advantours has the ability to book flights and trains on their website.

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Although Uzbekistan's ranking has improved from 166th in 2012 to 103rd in 2015 and 87th in 2016, the GOU's measures have not addressed a number of fundamental problems plaguing businesses and investors.

Formally, foreign investors are welcome in all sectors of the Uzbek economy.

Over 75 percent of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) traditionally was consumed by the oil and gas industry, which generate 26 percent of the country’s export earnings.

But with low oil prices, a number of large international investors became more cautious and suspended their projects in the country.

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