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ref=stream El Colono is an old tavern, dating back two centuries, not far from the Balcón de Europa, with regular guitar music and flamenco dancing shows. MENU SNAPSHOT Hola, yo llegare a Nerja el dia 13 de Junio, y quisiera asistir al show de Flamenco y a la cena.

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In Madrid, the Red-light district is interwoven with regular streets, so it’s very accessible, whereas in Barcelona, the red-light district is a well known tourist attraction.

If you are on holiday in Spain and you need urgent treatment from a dentist then it is likely you will need to pay the dentist and claim upon your travel insurance upon return – indeed you should check your policy because you might find it doesn’t cover dental care while abroad.

Dentists in Spain are usually of a very high quality with practices being very good, efficient and with access to the latest in dental technology.

Indeed many people opt to fly to Spain to have cosmetic dental treatment as it is cost-effective and standards are safe.

We asked a number of different dentists in Spain for their prices and below you will find the average costings. Fillings: For “white” fillings, they vary depending on size and difficulty but average 60-80 Euros. Teeth whitening: Home bleaching in custom made trays : upper/lower jaw 200 Euros. Examination including x-rays and clean (check-up) – usually 60 Euros.

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