Of black women dating white

There ARE white men who date/marry “women of color” and I have known some.

Virginia case involved a white husband trying to stay married to an African-American wife.

Queerness does not give whites a pass to be openly racist.

That Obama, the first black president of the United States, allegedly felt that a non-black partner would be a liability to his political career says a lot about the way we view black leaders, activists, public figures and those whom they choose to date.Queer men of color have fewer options in online dating than queer white men.Data suggests these stories are not uncommon or unique. The vast majority of matriarchies on Earth are found either in Africa or Polynesia. For white women, they find that being in the position of matriarch (however subtely this is felt) is a step up for them. And these general trends, as I said, do not cover every case. The numbers say that when white men “marry out of their race” (a phrase that disturbs me, because we are all part of the human race, damn it), they are far more likely to date/marry Asians. The situation is precisely the reverse in the case of African culture. Therefore, the numbers (and this is just the majority, not every case) favor white women dating/marrying African American men when they do not date/marry white men.

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