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This allows us to partner with you for the highest quality of care.

Following is a listing of the most common problems that we see, including some of the possible treatments.

At The Women's Centre for Well Being we listen to your needs and offer you what we feel is the best treatment for your problem.

We know it is important for you to be informed of your condition and options.

It is a common cause of pain as well as infertility, in which there may be no pain.

This is an out-patient surgery with return to work within one week. Eads also offers an alternative to radiological uterine artery embolization.Abnormal Pap smears: This is a common problem that we deal with due to the HPV virus. Eads evaluates these by colposcopy (looking at the cervix through an instrument similar to a large microscope) in the office.If there is significant dysplasia (pre-cancer), this can be easily treated by a LEEP procedure with local anesthesia in the office.As a result of the monitoring, 22 Country Fact Sheets have been prepared.These Fact Sheets issue clear recommendations to governments, serving as effective tools for advocacy at national and international levels.

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