Obama consolidating power

He said, “No single person can train all the math and science teachers we’ll need to equip our children for the future, or build the roads and networks and research labs that will bring new jobs and businesses to our shores.

Now, more than ever, we must do these things together, as one nation and one people.” Rather than emphasizing the possibilities of being a free man or woman in a free land, he emphasized the individual American’s powerlessness in the absence of the centralized state.

obama consolidating power-28

chief executives and business leaders in Washington D.Does he really believe that Elizabeth’s and Darcy’s love was no better than Anna Karenina’s or Vronsky’s, that it matters not whether our romantic loves are selfish, shallow, abusive, degrading, incestuous, unfaithful, or polygamous — or their opposites?If all romantic love were indeed created equal, then surely there would have been no justification for marriage’s having been defined throughout American history as the monogamous and complementary union of man and woman; for that unique union to have been regarded as the indispensable building block of civilized society; or for it to have been thought essential to the rearing and raising of children.Or as he put it, “[W]e have always understood…that preserving our individual freedoms ultimately requires collective action.” To be clear, Obama doesn’t mean this in the sense of a limited government’s importance in securing certain unalienable rights.Rather, as his speech made clear, he means it in the sense of an activist government’s importance in consolidating power effectively, redistributing wealth liberally, taxing and spending prodigiously, and heavily regulating the possession of that portion of Americans’ property that it allows to remain in their hands.

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