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We are senior citizens, and have had just one-mail for the last few years. If Equifax wants to respond or update me as to this complaint, guess what?Write me a letter and send it by USPO certified, RRR!She made me explain everything three or four times.Then sounded super annoyed with me even though I was as polite as I could possibly be despite her laughing and treating me like an idiot.When you call them, they can’t find you, and want to personally take you information.Those persons are unknown and certainly no one I’d provide information to in an unsecured manner.Reply Their Response Center for the Data Breach is a joke and a waste of time.They push the Trusted ID Premier service they are offering and the website, but that is it. now on my third try because the Security Freeze Department never answered (music stopped and nothing for several minutes).

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When I went to report it to them three people said that they couldn’t do anything for us because we only have one e-mail account. The e-mail isn’t like your social security number, and the lack of computer programing efficiency to support the customer in this situation is alarming. I sent in over 20 pages of required documentation to prove who I was, plus a copy of the police report, proof of going to the IRS and what they did, proof of going to SSA, etc in 2014. If I could “vote” a negative “star” in this rating, I would.

The first guy I spoke with transferred me to fraud even though I repeatedly told him my issue wasn’t a fraud issue.

The fraud guy listened to my story said he couldn’t help and then said he also wasn’t able to transfer me back to customer service.

Equifax is a consumer credit reporting agency which is one of the three largest American credit agencies.

Equifax was founded in 1889 in Atlanta, Georgia as Retail Credit Company (RCC).

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