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Although pooh-poohed by some experts as unreliable, dream interpretation is gaining credence among researchers and therapists as an intuitive tool.

Many practitioners say figuring out what your dreams symbolize can help improve your life, especially your sex life.

"She'd like him to lead her into a sexual experience." By getting her feelings for Jack out into the open via her dream, Leslie can now acknowledge them—which often is enough to take their power away.

It could be that you're trying to figure out what you want in a lover (or in yourself)."I dreamed I went to a coffee shop and ordered a cappuccino," says Jan, a divorced 37-year-old hospital technician.What else it could mean In addition to being stand-ins for powerful sexual feelings, horses represent human vitality.Women often dream of sick or neglected horses when they're not taking care of themselves, Holloway says."The next thing I know, he pulls me to him and we start making out. The funniest thing was that I never even saw the guy's face."The expert analysis This is a sex dream that's probably not about sex.It's so intense and passionate that we start having sex right under the chairs. "It's most likely about Dina feeling successful," says Carol L. "Airports embody our desire to take off for higher places," she says.

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