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In fact he is a perfect inmate for Ocean Cove, a little time with Maureen should solve his resistance.

I just have to tip the balance and help Gill to move forward.”She paused for a few seconds and leaned over to the intercom on her desk.“You can show Mr and Mrs Werner in now,” she said to the waiting secretary as she kicked off her low shoes and slipped behind her desk.

”“There is no way to move forward if you do not make some effort,” said the therapist as she stood to signal that the session was at an end.

“Gill is a nymphomaniac, but I am quite happy with things as they are!

I want to show you that total male obedience leads to such fulfilment that Brandon will just love to submit.”The Fall.

Today we will explore Jem’s needs and how Brandon can move towards satisfying them totally.”She stood and walked to the door and turned the key to lock the door.“Today you are going to learn about how a woman’s needs are so much more critical than a man’s inflexible ideas about sex. There she was, all prim and proper, a long but tight skirt and kitten heels, white blouse tied with a silk scarf.“The whole idea is renew your interest in each other,” she was saying to Gill. John looked at the therapist and wondered how it was that he thought that she was more attractive than Gill, his wife.Possibly he is having an affair and thus his childish sexual strike is no strain for him at all!I shall work with Gill to overcome this resistance to her dominance and show her how to move John to the place that she wants him to be.

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